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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions when it comes to ketosis and keto dieting. For even more questions and answers, see our full keto diet FAQ article

Is keto dieting safe?

We have covered this question in Chapter 4 and yes it is safe.

Is keto dieting healthy?

We have covered this question in Chapter 4 & 5 and yes it is healthy.

Is keto dieting bad for you?

We have covered this question in Chapter 4 & 5 and no it’s not bad for you; however, you need to make the decision yourself based on your own health conditions.

Does keto dieting work?

In order to answer this question, it best to define what “work” means. If the “work” you are referring to is “does it work to … improve brain function, provide stable energy, increase focus, lifestyle, weight management, overcome menopause symptoms, etc”, then the answer would be yes.

Is keto just another dieting fad?

If by fad you mean a widespread enthusiasm for something, then yes it is, as it’s becoming one of the biggest health movements worldwide. But fad can also mean something that is short-lived, in which case the answer would be no, as keto and low-carb dieting has been around since before modern medicine.

Is keto gluten-free?

The majority of keto is gluten-free as it’s grain-free. However, you can also buy products that are low-carb that can be used on a keto diet. In that case, you need to check product labeling. But the keto diet, like the paleo diet, is gluten-free.

Is keto sustainable?

Keto has been proven to be one of the most sustainable ways of eating; sustainable when it comes to the ease of maintaining this style of eating and also sustainable for the planet, as the keto diet relies on whole foods (meaning no packaging) and the fact that when you are on the keto diet, you will eat up to 50% less than the average person.

Where can I eat on a keto diet?

Eating out on a keto diet can be troublesome when first starting out due to temptations and lack of knowledge when it comes to food selection; however, once you have been on a keto diet for some time it’s really very easy. Where you eat is not the question, it’s choosing what to eat and if you stick to low-carb options, you’re safe.

How long can I stay on a keto diet?

That depends on your lifestyle choice and macro selection; however, if you want to know if it is safe to stay on a keto diet long-term, the answer is yes as long as you are eating responsibly.

Keto fiber – how do I get fiber on a keto diet?

You get fiber on a keto diet just like you would by eating any other way: by eating vegetables or taking fiber supplements. The foods that are taken out of a keto diet are low-fiber carbohydrates anyway.

Is it true that there is not enough fiber and grains for a healthy gut on a keto diet?

It depends on what style of keto dieting you follow. In our diet’s case and most healthy keto diets, we find that the majority of people are consuming more fiber than they did before, as our meals contain more veggies than they would normally be eating.

Can you drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet? What is keto alcohol?

Consider these 3 things: 1) sugar – most alcohols, including spirits, are high in sugar 2) dehydration – when you drink alcohol it dehydrates your body as your body tries to remove the alcohol from your body 3) the stupid things you do when drunk – most of the time when you have had a few too many, your body craves foods to help you recover from the alcohol. So check to see if it’s no sugar/low-carb, have water after every glass, keep it to a few and you’re safe.

How long does it take to lose belly fat on a ketosis diet?

Within the first 4 days, you will notice a significant change in your belly and surrounding body. The reason for this is due to changing your diet to a keto one. You will experience a drop in inflammation, fluid loss and bloating. This inflammation, fluid and bloating appear as body fat, which when lost can be really rewarding and encouraging.

Can I change around macros on a ketosis diet?

You sure can. The key is to know your objective and stage in ketosis. If you are a beginner you would probably have different macros compared to being on keto for 6 months, where you don’t need to worry much about your macro levels other than simply keeping carbs low.

Do I need to work out on a keto diet?

Exercise on a keto diet is not needed. I encourage most to refrain from exercise at least for the first 2 weeks as your body will be under enough stress due to changing its fuel source from carbohydrates to fat. However, if you are experienced in training, you can exercise to help this transition of energy by depleting your carbohydrate levels.

How do I get back into ketosis quickly if I have fallen out?

The basic hacks to boost back into ketosis are either a fat fast, a full fast, or exercising while on a fast, as these are all designed to deplete your carbohydrate levels. In addition to this, or as an alternative, you can supplement with MCT oil to provide your body with easily available ketones. We will be writing an article on this shortly, so keep an eye out.

What are good carbs?

On a keto diet, good carbs are those that are nutrient dense. These foods are mostly vegetables that grow above the ground and come in an array of colours. A rule of thumb is green is safe to go ahead and eat, while all other colours are essential to have; however, you need to check what their carb levels are.

Why am I feeling terrible on a keto diet?

We have covered this in the article in Chapter? However, here are 3 questions to ask yourself: 1) am I drinking enough water? 2) am I having enough salt/electrolytes? 3) am I having enough fat?

How can I measure my ketones?

If you want to take the confusion out of Keto Dieting, by knowing how far into Ketosis you are or even if you’re in Ketosis at all, then you can use our KetoLean testing strips – check it out here.

When we introduce carbs back (low-carb diet) after finishing weight loss, will there be fluid gain and old symptoms returning?

You won’t get old symptoms such as insulin resistance return unless you go back to eating a high sugar diet daily and consecutively; then they might come back. With bloating/fluid gain, it all depends on the food you eat. I would suggest testing food. If you notice it bloats you or you get swollen, cut it out. Those foods would most likely be dairy or grains.

Do I have to keto forever?

No, you don’t. It can be used as a detox, body and hormonal reset and/or a complete lifestyle change. I am a big fan of the latter, but your life is not mine nor is it mine to judge, so use keto as you like.

How long does it take for you to be able to have a cheat meal without falling out of ketosis and or having keto flu symptoms?

It all depends on what the cheat meal is. If it’s a big dessert filled with sugar, it will have a different impact on you compared to having a higher carb meal or a piece of fruit. A rule of thumb is once you are keto-adapted, you have more flexibility with carbs without having big consequences. So stay strict until then and after that don’t have cheat meals all the time. Remember this is a lifestyle change.

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